Week Three Update
You Scan Do It!

It’s been another productive week at PVNet as interns learned from each other as well as our two guest speakers. There was also a great turnout at our Independence Day Open House as interns led tours and spoke about their experiences at PVNet.


All Advanced Technology Interns (ATI) practiced using the Sense 3D scanner on each other. Through their practice they discovered how to accurately scan a person, what good lighting is, and how to manipulate the scan results. The interns will continue to hone their scanning skills until they are perfect since they will be scanning Rancho Palos Verdes city council members and 3D printing their models.

C1Interns Claire Bogosian and Joanne Lo practice using the Sense 3D scanner in preparation for scanning the Rancho Palos Verdes council members.

2Barkha, Natalie and Emi practice using the Sense 3D scanner in preparation for scanning the Rancho Palos Verdes council members.


Technology Management and Advanced Technology Interns Sam Gioia and Michael Zeitlin spread their knowledge of Autodesk Inventor Professional 2015 to the other interns. Inventor can be a daunting program to work with at first, but after a bit of practice it can be used to easily design complex machine parts and models. With a good grounding from this learning session, the ATIs now are beginning their own projects in Inventor.

ATIs Ben Stout and Joanne Lo also gave a tutorial on AutoCAD Architecture 2015 to their fellow interns. They are both highly skilled and experienced in using AutoCAD; Ben has used AutoCAD throughout high school and Joanne learned AutoCAD in the architecture program at Carnegie Mellon University. AutoCAD Architecture can be used for more than just architectural applications as it spans many areas of modern engineering.

3Interns Claire Bogosian and Joanne Lo practice using the Sense 3D scanner in preparation for scanning the Rancho Palos Verdes council members.

10Believe it or not, 3D Printers do break. When they do, ordering and replacing parts becomes a complicated priority.


Joel Rojas, Planning Director of Rancho Palos Verdes, came in on Wednesday to give an interesting and informative presentation on his career path and his responsibilities and ideas as Planning Director. With his degree in planning and urban design, Rojas discussed futu advanced planning projects in the future, and normal planning projects that are needed at the time. He also mentioned the process for getting a remodel in RPV approved, and other various aspects of his job. Joel Rojas put on an excellent presentation, and took time out of his schedule to visit PVNet.

4Joel Rojas sharing his experiences of being a Planning Director with all the interns.


One of the first interns at PVNet, David Ross learned website design, practiced digital animation, and focused on the interaction between art and technology. Ross is now a successful typeface designer and software developer for Font Bureau. During his presentation he discussed a wide variety of topics related to the creation of fonts, including the shapes, sizes, and dimensions of letters required to make a good looking typeface. His presentation extremely interested all the interns as they never considered how much time, effort, and expertise goes into font making.

5David Ross discusses the intricacies of typeface design.

6Examples of some of the fonts David Ross has created since learning at PVNet.


Interns showed up to work on the 4th of July to help get the word out about PVNet and what we do to aid the community. A booth was set up at the city’s 39th annual Independence Day Celebration where interns talked to interested people and offered tours. Two quadcopters and a few 3D printed items were set up in the Annex, where intern Sam Gioia gave tours to seven families during the day. The interns’ tours and collective help paid off as three families hoped to sign up for classes at PVNet!

7Interns manned the PVNet booth at the city’s Independence Day Celebration.

8Michael discovers life under glass at the 4th of July fair.


9The video production team records Ben for a voiceover and narration that will be added to the documentary video.



Summer Advanced Technology Internship FULL – High school and college students will build the base of their own UAV quadcopter to record geographical aerial images and GPS data for the city of RPV. The course ends August 22nd.

3D Animation and Game Design–A continuation of the 3D Animation Level 1 class, this course teaches students game development and other ways their 3D animation skills can be applied. The class takes place from July 7th to July 30th from 9AM to 12PM.

3D Animation Level 1–This course is a unique creative opportunity in which industry professionals teach animation software to school-age students. The class takes place August 4th to August 27th from 9AM to 12PM



            Since its founding in 1995, Palos Verdes on the Net (PVNet) has dedicated itself to community service through technology education and training. The non-profit’s internet training has had a profound impact on Palos Verdes Peninsula and its neighboring cities. More than 75,000 adults have received technological training and over 4,000 students have come through the program at no cost. PVNet also has a long history of providing grants through their technology outreach program. Students receive class credit through Palos Verdes High School and Palos Verdes Peninsula High School.

Special thanks to the City of Rancho Palos Verdes for making this program possible for the past 20 years.