Please know that this form is valid for only Fall and Spring Internships.

Please Note: There is no cost to students for this internship program as a result of a generous grant from a local donor.

  • Maximum 20 seats
  • No cost to students
  • These are not paid positions


Interns will be assigned duties and responsibilities to assist in the management, operations, teaching of classes and delivery of services. Interns will benefit from opportunities to learn about some of the following:

  • Business operations and customer service
  • Research and development in support of ongoing projects
  • Lab assistant duties
  • Assisting instructors during some classes which provides exposure (not training) to technologies such as:
    • 3D Software
    • 3D Printing systems
    • Video Editing systems
    • UAVs( Quadcopter)
    • GIS
    • Flight Theory
    •  Robotics
    • Municipal Services
      • Public Works
      • Planning
    • Mapping and Geography
    • Electronics
    • Programming
  • Computer support and repair
  • Service center organization duties
  • Three students will be selected as administrative assistants
    • Two interns will assist the education manager
    • One intern will assist the manager of geographic mapping information systems(GIS)


Monday to Friday from 6/9 to 8/22

8:30 am – 12:00 pm

1:30 pm – 4:00 pm


  • All hours are community service
  • Please check with your school counselor regarding receiving elective credit for this program.


  1. Complete the internship application CLICK HERE
  2. Email your resume in Acrobat file format to within 5 days after completing the application
  3. Applicant’s resumes will be reviewed
  4. Selected candidates will be interviewed
  5. Candidates who are chosen will be notified
  6. Mandatory orientation is on June 7 at 1:00 PM