PVNET Technology Center has been for 2 decades the only place for high school students to
come for free technology internships to help them select the best career for them.


What will you do when you grow up?

Our internship program is unique in the US. We accept interns ages 13 and older (to adult) and provide an opportunity to help them discover their strengths, weaknesses, what interests them, what bores them. This is our priceless gift to someone who is in the process of evaluating career options.

Our program can be best be described as a technology candy store – keep trying new candies until you find the one which tastes best to you.

Unlike a classroom environment, our internship program provides hands on real-time training and experience. Form most participants, it does not feel like “training” – it’s actually fun and interesting. You learn at your own pace, and on your schedule. There is no deadline, and you’re ommitment is 1 year.

We have the only program of it’s kind in the US – so come and take advantage of it!

Adult Interns – Get a New Career

Fact: Most adults are employed but not satisfied with their job and income
Fact: Most adults don’t have good computer skills thereby limiting their job options.
Fact: We’re here to help you gain skills which will help you be more successful.

Can’t afford to go back to school or enter a specialized school? Then we may have the answer for you. We offer on the job training which you can use on your resume. If you want to really get into it – join our Internship program and spend a year or two with us learning on the job.

Because computer skills play such an important role in today’s frenetic lifestyle, you are probably still struggling to find time to get up to speed on the basics. That’s where we can help.

Our Internship program provides you the opportunity to change careers by providing you with the opportunity to learn new skills in emerging computer fields. Don’t wait – start now.

Modern, Up-To-Date, Beautiful, No Limit To What You Can Learn

That’s how people describe our computer training facility. We provide internship opportunities in many computer related fields – including computer hardware and software support, computer based art and graphics design, programming, web, animation, GIS, and much more. It’s true, at PVNET you can have fun learning while using the best tools and software.