PVNET manages a year-round internship program that provides maintenance and support services for the City of RPV’s sophisticated GIS system (Geographic Information System) at very little expense to the community.

Under the guidance of GIS staff and professional volunteers at PVNET, interns create new layers, graphics and printouts for the CH staff.

Assistance with conceptual design, development, implementation, maintenance, and support of a GIS system, including:

•Design, development, and maintenance of the GIS network infrastructure
•Development of specifications for servers and workstations as well as setup of these systems
•Setup of initial base files – starting with the County Assessors GIS Data Files
•Identify user needs and making recommendations
•Workstation software installation, setup and configuration
•Help with Implementation of a new GIS system or upgrade of an existing system
•Conversion of hard copy, old documents, corrections, creating new layers, images and help with documents for presentations and reports
•Creating inventories of various assets based on written reports, spreadsheets, and aerials. Example – locations of pools within an area.

Creation of new layers

Your staff can request PVNET Interns to create new GIS layers and to make the data available from their own GIS Web Server interface. Some new layers require programming to perform specific lookup and query functions. The layer creation process includes gathering data from various sources, cleaning up, correcting, or otherwise modifying the data to suit staff’s needs, and then creating a GIS layer.

PVNET also spends time researching and locating alternative sources for data, and obtaining low-cost and even no-cost data to support your needs.

Support for Outside Vendors

You may request PVNET to work directly with other consultants, and provide services to other organizations working with the City. PVNET is responsible for making sure the data received from other vendors is in a format consistent with the CH GIS system. PVNET also provides base data to consultants in the correct format, answers questions about the data, integrates data provided by the consultants so the staff can use it and creates graphics for the consultants and/or the CH staff for specific purposes.


PVNET has assisted in many projects, such as: Boundary identification and area calculation for an NCCP project, to identify parcels and key information; hazard mitigation plans; developed maps for the Emergency Preparedness Committee; and received letters of recognition for outstanding services. We also help provide 3D graphics support on request.

PVNET staff and interns staff continually train, attend seminar, and complete the online ESRI University training courses to stay abreast of changes in the GIS industry. This enables our interns to gain valuable experience to prepare for the professional world, and to provide high quality service to the City of RPV.